About me

This is my adventure through new recipes and old classics while trying my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle (although everyone is occasionally a sucker for the unhealthy).  I stand strongly behind the idea that when it comes to healthy eating is is all about balance and awareness which I try to bring out in my dishes.  With no formal experience, what I have learned has grown from pure passion and a basic love of food. While balancing a crazy  life, I try to find the time to update the dishes I have made and the recipes I have conquered.

I was inspired to start a food blog after reading Molly Wizenberg’s book “A homemade life.”  Which for copyright sake is where I got the quote on my homepage.  (Wizenberg, Molly. A homemade life: Stories and recipes from my kitchen table. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2010.)  I was on vacation in Hawaii with my family with some time on my hands and decided to go for it, since then it has been a struggle back and forth to stay on top of the recipes I make. (mostly they are posted at least a week later)  If you have any questions about any of the recipes just ask!


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