Chocolate Guinness Layer Cake with Baileys Buttercream Frosting

How do you make things interesting when a once a year holiday rolls around that is based around the same menu of food? This dilemma has sprung up for the last 4 years every thanksgiving and now there is a new culprit…St. Patricks day.

The problem really comes down to a battle to the death between craving traditional favorites and an inner desire to switch things up and try new recipes.  I’ve come to a nice compromise with thanksgiving but St. Patricks day is a little harder.  With a meal where the traditional favorites are limited to a few dishes at most not to mention doesn’t lend itself to a multiple course execution it really comes down to one option….dessert.

I’ve come to my senses and decided to stop claiming that I am not a baker.  It is true, I am not a great baker and I don’t find myself dreaming up dessert recipes but when it comes to planning a themed meal dessert is always the missing link.  When cooking for a group of people, including a dessert at least half made from scratch always wows the crowd.

Now back to St. Patricks day.  The staples can’t and wont change; Corned beed, Cabbage, and Potatoes (Give or take irish soda bread).  Now as much as you can switch up your method for cooking cabbage and potatoes in the end a new recipe will not blow your mind.  This year we chose to go big, the fact that it was just myself and my roommate for dinner did not stop us from deciding on making a cake.  But not just any cake, a Chocolate Guinness Layer cake with Baileys Buttercream frosting to be exact.

Don’t let the long name fool you, it is actually a simple recipe; the hardest part is applying the frosting. (If you want to write anything or draw a design my tip for you is to sketch it out first with a toothpick or similar tool so that you only have to trace it with the darker frosting)








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