Fried Goat Cheese Stuffed Squash Blossoms

So, there are few ingredients that I anticipate as much as squash blossoms.  With current farming and greenhouse practices there are many many ingredients that are available year round.  But squash blossoms are an ingredient that I know come towards the end of summer and only shows up briefly at the farmers market so I try to swoop on them whenever I can.

This was the first recipe I tried with these blossoms and since they were so freaking delicious I was an instant believer.  Since then, I have used them fresh in salads and of course again as fried squash blossoms. Since the batter for this recipe is so easy the whole process and end product seems much more complicated than in really is.

The recipe is from one of Giada de Laurentiis’s cookbooks that came out a couple summers ago.  I was living then in Santa Barbara and happened to see one day that at a local William Sonoma, she was going to come for a book signing!! Well, I’ve never been to a book signing let along a cookbook signing so therefore I HAD to go.  I went with a friend and waiting in the line around the store along with the fancy Santa Barbara housewives and got my cookbook signed by the one and only Giada. I’ve made a bunch of recipes from that cookbook so far and have some of them posted on this blog.  But whenever I feel like some italian I make a bee line for that bright pink cookbook.

This appetizer really just means summer to me, give me a crisp glass of white wine and I am in seventh heaven.  Give them a try and ENJOY!

I used this recipe from Giada 

{Me waiting in line for the signing!– 2010}

{Beautiful squash blossoms}

{All you have to do is slightly twist the tops and the cheese will stay in fine}

{Things I want to eat right now…these}


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