Chicken Milanese with Cherry Tomato, Fennel Sauce

I think it’t pretty obvious that I love cooking.  I love thinking of a perfect recipe for that perfect dinner/lunch/picnic/party or whatever it may be.   I also love cookbooks, it is only recently that I came to the realization that I should limit my cookbook purchases and actually use the ones I have more.  It seems to work as a cycle, I get a new cooking light magazine and its all i want to cook from for a couple weeks, then I notice a cookbook that I haven’t used in a while and thats all I can think of for the next couple week…you get my drift. (aka I have like 50 cooking lights that I do not want to toss because I am so certain there is a recipe is one of them I will want to make).

Well, two summers ago a friend and I went to a cookbook signing at Williams Sonoma in Santa Barbara of Giada De Laurentiis’s new cookbook and it was so much fun.  The one minute we got to chat with her was just life changing…ok no, but it was a lot of fun (minus the fact that she spelled my name wrong…even though it was written perfectly on a post it for her to copy over).  Recently that lovely cookbook jumped out to me on the shelf and I ran across this recipe that I have made before and loved it!  The last time I made it was my first encounter with fennel and it was a pleasant interaction I have to say.  Fresh fennel itself smells a little like licorice, and when cooked a lot of that pungent smell goes away and it has a similar consistency to a cooked onion.  The fennel frond is also really nice to fresh salads.

For the sake of simplicity HERE is a link to the recipe (as opposed to copying it from my cookbook). ENJOY!

{Fresh fennel, cut off the branch looking fronds and continue slicing down to the base}

{Slice fennel bulb like you would an onion}

{Tomatoes and fennel simma’-ing}

{The finished plate}


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