Baked Buffalo Wings and Fried Okra

I don’t really know how to explain it.  I kind of have a big thing for chicken wings. I can’t tell you how it started or when it started but there’s a fire burnin’. I originally intended to make this recipe for superbowl sunday as I was going to head over to a friends house and felt the need to come with gifts.  However in a change of events I had to work that day and wasn’t able to make it, but since I had already found the recipe it just wouldn’t leave my mind.  Luckily my friends are also pretty into wings so I’ve had the opportunity to make these a couple times.

In terms of the okra… well that was all Jessica. I’d heard of the stuff before, seen it at farmers markets, seen it pickled, but never purchased it or really looked up how one cooks okra.  The first time I had it was a couple months ago when we went out one night to a southern BBQ place where they had it offered as a side (which of course Jessica got).  Here’s my best stab at describing okra.  It’s pretty tasteless but has the consistency of a small squash inside. Tempting I know. But its actually delicious, especially when friend in cornmeal or just flour.  Add a pinch of salt and before you know it, you’ve eaten every last one of ’em!  So as convincing as my description was, I really do recommend trying them either in your own kitchen or if you find them on a menu.

Now here is my disclaimer about the chicken wings.  1.) We ended up getting a big back of raw frozen sings/ drummettes from smart & final for this recipe.  In hindsight it would have been worth shelling out a bit more to not have them frozen and also to have the skin removed already.  Because the recipe I followed involves baking the wings instead of frying them, the skin would never have crisped up enough to enjoy so I found myself skinning the wings before cooking them…not very appetizing and also very labor intensive.  2.) I didn’t take any pictures of the wings mid process because lets be honest…raw chicken isn’t very pretty.

THIS is the recipe that we used for the wings.  Jessica took over the okra but here is how we did it.

Fried Okra


3/4 cup all purpose flour (you can also coat with cornmeal but the flour gives it a nice even breading)

salt and pepper to taste

1 bag frozen sliced okra (use as much as you want to serve)

oil for frying


1. Heat the oil in a pan over medium-high heat (I dont’t own an oil thermometer so I usually just splash a drop of water and if it crackles then I assume its ready..yup real official)

2. Place flour, salt and pepper and okra in a mixing bowl, toss to coat

3. When the oil is hot enough place one floured okra slice in the pan, if it sizzles and floats the oil is ready.  Add enough to fill the pan but not to crown the okra at one time.

4.  keep an eye on them, when they start to brown take them out and place them on a paper town to drain the excess oil.  (keep in mind that they will continue to brown/ fry when out of the pan so long as the oil is hot on them so pull them out right before they are too brown)

5. Enjoy!

{Sometimes you just have to take the spice into your own hands}

{The finished wings}

{Hello, meet Okra}



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