Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pizza

As most of you know or could tell from the dishes I post about, I don’t normally take the time to make an elaborate breakfast.  If I do it is on the weekend when I am cooking for more than just myself.  (Well y’all are in for a treat with some of the posts to come, the breakfast wave hit me).

Of the many blogs I follow (99% food blogs…shocker I know) Cupcakes and Cashmere is one that is not only in my bookmark folder but resides on my browser.  If you have never seen this blog, sorry guys but its really a female fashion/ food/ entertaining type of site, go right now!! But make sure to come back and continue reading this.  Alright, now that you have seen it you can see why I am obsessed… and why she has become a top blogger and spokeswoman for so many fabulous brands.  Well, I’m pretty sure the first time I saw the idea for a breakfast pizza was when she posted about making one.  Having every single element of yumminess, I knew I would make it before too long.  So a couple weeks ago (ok maybe a little over a month) I made it!! And having totally slacked on posting here I am finally getting around to sharing all my pictures and the recipe.

My sister came to visit this past weekend so round two of making this breakfast came and it was just as delicious, and to be honest it just looks quite impressive and innovative.  Feel free to adjust any of the ingredients to your breakfast needs and enjoy! I will say that the second time I made the pizza I used the whole wheat pizza dough from trader joes and just sat a little better in my foodie mind than the pop and bake pillsbury dough I used the first time.  Having found the recipe through the Cupcakes and Cashmere site, she led me to THIS recipe which I followed loosely.  But the cooking/ prep order is worth looking at.  If you are ambitious, go ahead and made your dough, but if thats too much use store bought dough. ENJOY!

{My apologies to all vegetarians looking at this}

{Depending on how runny you like your eggs you can shorten or lengthen the cooking time.  Just keep an eye on it}

{The finished product, devoured in minutes}


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