Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Sweet potatoes are somewhat of a roller coaster craving for me.  I have to say that I go through fazes of wanting to eat only vegetables, which usually lasts about a week maybe a week and a half and then I don’t even want to look at a salad.  Usually when I am on that kick I buy the bag of sweet potatoes from Trader Joes, which I love mainly because they are small sweet potatoes so I can cook one for my meal and its the perfect side or snack.

While I was growing up we went to our fair share of Italian restaurants, but I would never get the gnocchi (probably because there isn’t even a hint of a clue of what gnocchi could be).  Also my mom isn’t one that loves rich filling dishes and since gnocchi (as I finally learned) usually comes with a creamy sauce she would never order it, so together those reasons never exposed me to the wonder of gnocchi.  However, as my cooking passions developed as well as the insane amount of food blogs, I started looking up dishes that I wouldn’t think to make or that I didn’t know how, just to see how oen would make it if they had the ambition.  I have to say though that the recipe for gnocchi sounds much less complicated than it is.  In reality there are not a ton of steps to making the delicious potato chunks but the labor that goes into it is much more intense.

If there is one thing I have learned throughout my culinary adventures it is to admit when someone is not worth the trouble.  I would love to sit there and make everything from scratch but the reality is, that somethings are just not worth the labor of love.  Gnocchi, as I found out, falls into that category.  However, I’m glad I tried to make it, and they actually turned out quite delicious! So if you find that wave of ambition somewhere along the line, THIS RECIPE is for you.  I would make a brown butter sage sauce to drizzle over the gnocchi like the one in THIS pumpkin gnocchi post.


{Annoying computer problems so I can’t rotate the images. My apologies}


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