The Essence of Fall

First let me forwarn anyone who reads this that I have about 5 posts of different meals I have made that will shortly follow this post.  Alright now to the important things, the season of fall.  For the longest time, when anyone would ask me “what’s your favorite season of the year?” (you know, one of those weird questions similar to those along the lines of “are you an ocean person or a river person?” …) anyway, I would always answer the season question by saying fall.  But really the only justification for that answer was that my birthday is in October so naturally I enjoy that time of year.  But having graduated college and now living in southern california, I now more than ever stand behind that response. And it is not because my birthday is in the season of fall, I truly enjoy everything about fall and sadly, southern california lacks a lot of the beauty of fall.  From the slowly changing colors of trees…like this one

which is not located in southern California, to the sweet smell of apple cider on the stove with the magic of mulling spices, I love bundling up in a warm blanket and sitting by the fireplace (that does not exist in my apartment) fall is by far my favorite.

Halloween always kicks off the feel of fall for me, I love going and getting pumpkins and carving them the couple days before halloween and then roasting the pumpkin seeds that night.  Soon after halloween ends I find myself itching for thanksgiving, and as you may be able to guess, thanksgiving is always so much fun for me because I get to cook a huge meal for family members while my mom helps out and also decorates the table with my sister.  I have to admit that I have already pulled the october/november issues of my cooking light magazine as well as various cookbooks and put them next to my bed in order to gather inspiration for the wonderful thanksgiving meal.  Following thanksgiving is the long haul towards christmas where technically I guess fall is over but for me, the love of fall merely turns into a love of the holidays at that point and I really mash them together in my head.  And as an avid lover of cooking, crafting, and organization I love planning what I will get/make for everyone for christmas (I have a bookmarked list currently going on  So that Is my rundown on why I love this time of year and because this would not be a good entry without some pictures here is how we kicked off the season. 🙂

{Mine was the spider}

{Chili powder roasted pumpkin seeds}

{Pumpkin pie with a lighter crust — but you can use pre-made if it’s easier}


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