Roasted Red Pepper pasta sauce over Linguini

I have never made my own pasta sauce, it is just one of those products that seems to taste just as good purchased than made in my kitchen but saves a ton of time.  But that is just me.  Which is why I don’t post a lot of entries about pasta dishes I make, there isn’t a whole lot of recipe involved in boiling pasta and adding some sauce.  But this one is different (clearly, its roasted red pepper…and in a blog entry).

I couldn’t tell you what made me think to make a roasted red pepper sauce, I must have been blog surfing one day and come across a similar sauce and thought it would be delicious over pasta.  So, that is exactly what I did.  However, by the time I got around to making it I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I found that original red pepper sauce post.  Thankfully exists and I just typed in “roasted red pepper sauce” and low and behold hundreds of pictures popped up.  I settled for a Pioneer woman recipe and it turned out really well! I didn’t have any pine nuts (plus they are really expensive) so I substituted toasted almonds which probably gave the sauce a completely different taste, but I love toasted almonds so it was alright by me.  Also, if you are afraid of flame or just don’t trust yourself you can easily broil the peppers until they are charred on the outside…I like to live on the edge.

The instructions tell you to char the pepper on a grill, I don’t own a grill plus its not the grilling season per-say, so if you turn on a gas burner on your stove on low and place the pepper on the burner stand you can just manually turn it with tongs so it gets evenly charred (or broil it like i said).   This is the recipe I used, and I put it over a lemoney garlic linguini from Trader Joes with some shredded parmesan and fresh parsley for garnish.  ENJOY!

{Me living on the edge}

{The skin that peels off of the pepper after it is zip-locked}

{At this point it is a good idea to add some liquid from cooking the pasta to thin out the sauce a bit}{The finished product}


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