Parsley Fontina Risotto Cakes

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until I was in college that I had risotto for the first time.  Probably because I didn’t really know what it was until I started getting into food, whenever I would see it on a menu I would skip over it and move onto something more recognizable.  Even after I had it for the first time, it was delicious don’t get me wrong, but it was never something that I necessarily craved.  Even in restaurants the risotto dish would look delicious but I never just wanted risotto for my meal, as it is often served as a main dish.

Recently I was watching The Food Network (shocker), and the lovely Ina Garten was on and making something delicious for her Hamptons friends which included risotto cakes.  Having made risotto once in my life, let me tell you its not a simple process.  Knowing when to stop adding the liquid so that the rice is cooked and the dish is creamy.  Well all of that does not matter in this case because there is no tending to a creamy dish.  If you know how to boil pasta and read directions, you will be able to make this dish.  The recipe calls for chives which I did not have BUT since I recently started growing parsley I have tons of that so I substituted parsley and it was delicious.  I imagine you could go a different route and add cilantro and make it more of a mexican risotto cake with chili powder and such…but that is a different post altogether.  Also, for anyone that is not familiar with fontina cheese, I highly suggest trying it.  It is similar to mozzarella in texture (creamy and soft) and is really mild.  As a main dish or a side dish this recipe was super easy and delicious, ENJOY!

{If you ball up fresh herbs and chop them while holding the ball it is 100x more effective}

{My method for straining liquid, place over a bowl and let it do its thing}

{The finished product}



  1. Marissa

    These look really good Kristin, mostly cuz I have the same issues with risotto that you do! IM GONNA MAKE THESE AND REPORT BACK TO TELL YOU THEY DONT LOOK AS GOOD AS YOURS

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