Simplicity– Homemade Greek Yogurt

Ok, no I did not make homemade greek yogurt from scratch.  But I did discover a very easy way to make it from nonfat plain yogurt! When I first read that this was the technique to make greek yogurt I was shocked, and then remedied the dissonance by convincing myself that actually doing it would be harder than it seems.  Little did I know 24 hours after I read that, I would have greek yogurt out of simple plain yogurt.  Now, when I first had greek yogurt I really did not like it.  The idea that I would be eating something so thick just didn’t sit well.  So for a long time after that I stuck to my regular yogurt.  Until one day, for some reason greek yogurt was exactly what I wanted, and from then on its been greek yogurt.  There isn’t much of a recipe to this post, more of a technique, but I will describe it here.

  1. Find a large bowl that a pasta strainer can sit on top of while also leaving space in the bottom of the bowl to catch the liquid.
  2. Line the pasta strainer with heavy duty paper towels (or cheesecloth if you have one…I do not)
  3. Pour the contents of the plain yogurt on top of the paper towels in the strainer
  4. Place the bowl with the strainer on top in the fridge, let sit for at least 24 hours
  5. What remains above the paper towels is your greek yogurt! Make sure to save the plain yogurt container to put the greek yogurt back in.



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