BBQ Kabob transformations– Chicken Veggie Pita with Tzatziki sauce

I think this is a pretty common urge when it comes to summertime, but as soon as summer hits I cannot get enough of the BBQ.  This could very well be because a.) throughout the others seasons I get sick of cooking indoors on the stove or b.) because I don’t actually own a BBQ.  But when I get access to one my mind starts racing of what I could cook on it.  Kabobs are one of my favorites because to be honest, they just look damn pretty all put together, but also because they are so easy yet so delicious.  Now, we took it one step further and made the cooked kabobs into a pita with homemade tzatziki (yogurt cucumber dip) and a side of rice pilaf.  I think I was feeling a mediterranean itch with this dish because it was in the same trip that I also made the chicken flatbread dish (see 4th of July post) but both were delicious, a little messy, but that was welcomed with open arms when it comes to homemade tzatziki and grilled kabobs.

I took this post from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and adapted it to get some kabobs in there, but otherwise I marinated the chicken the same and made the tzatziki from this post as well!

{Beautiful finished Kabobs}

{Tzatziki in the works}
{The finished product}


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