4th of July Celebratory Feast

I got a chance to go home this 4th of July and not only got to see my pup and my family, but got a chance to make an elaborate meal for the whole family (including high school friends) which I always look forward to.  My mom and I make a deadly duo when it comes to celebratory feasts.  We both love the cooking part but I’m the one that usually pushes her to try unfamiliar recipes while she loves the entertaining aspect.  Now, up north the summer heat (often in triple digets) is unbearable unless paired with a swimming pool and layers of sunscreen reapplied every 10 minutes.  So this 4th we had some friends over to swim, have some drinks and of course, to eat.  I didn’t take pictures of the process of making each part of this meal but I will link the sites where I found most of the ideas.  To save time, we didn’t make our own flatbread but everything else turned out perfect.

{Tomato Gazpacho with Cucumber Garnish)

{Quinoa Salad with Red Pepper, Feta, and Green Onion with Lemon Olive Oil Vinaigrette}

{Grilled Chicken Marinated in Lemon and Fresh Basil}

{Sundried Tomato Tapenade -left- White Bean Garlic Puree -right}

{The finished plate– pictured on grilled whole wheat flatbread}
{Homemade Ice Cream Cake with Buttercream Frosting with fresh fruit mixed in}

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