I’m Back! — BBQ Flatbread Margherita Pizza

Alright, I know I know, it has been forever since I have posted a new recipe.  I am admittedly way behind in posting but have still been photographing away and have a whole bunch of recipes and meals to post about.  This past quarter brought about a lot of new mindsets and realizations with finishing my last quarter of college, taking classes and having two jobs, and then facing the facts of graduation and moving out.  Somewhere along the way I got behind in posting and everyone knows what it is like to be behind in something, it takes a second, only a second, to get behind yet it takes 2 weeks to get back to where you were or should be.  Anyway, that is my halfhearted attempt to rationalize waiting so long to post a new entry.  Now on to the goods.

So I don’t know how many people are familiar with stumbleupon.com but it is beyond addicting! For those who have a wrinkle in their forehead after reading that and have no idea what it is here is a brief description.  You create an account on stumbleupon and there are myriad categories you can select of interests, for example I chose cooking as an interest (big surprise I know), and then you click a button to “stumble” and it takes you to a random website in the endless space of the internet that has something to do with your interests.  In the end you spend hours just “stumbling” different sites.  So by stumbling I kept coming across food blogs that were quite inspiring and I have now become that girl who’s top bookmarks that are most accessable are food blogs.  No shame, I look forward to looking at them every day to see any new posts or if I need a recipe idea for a party I go straight to those blogs.  (I quite recommend it actually, if you ever need a quick recipe for something)

Ok, so now that we have cleared up my obsession with stumbleupon, the reason I bring it up is because I found this recipe on one of them, “Handle the Heat.”  It is listed as Grilled Pizza Margherita and immediately had me drooling, which happens to be the cue that I need to make it.  I have talked about a couple friends who I cook dinners with occasionally, so when I knew we were getting together the week I saw that recipe I had to make it.  We were actually going to see a school rendition of a Shakespeare performance in the park around here and in the end, made the pizza, cut it and packed it to eat in the park.  A beautiful way to ease into summer if you ask me.  Here is the recipe, it is not hard at all the only complication is that you have to alote time to make the dough if you wish to make it yourself (which I highly recommend you do!).  Now that summer is upon us I jump at chances to use a grill, I’m sure  the feeling is mutual. Enjoy!!


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