Texas trip through food

For the most part, my whole mom’s side of the family lives in Texas, not all in the same city but mostly within the same state.  Once a year, we all gather in a large family reunion over easter weekend.  And I will the first to admit that traveling to Texas for easter has not been an annual thing for me or my immediate family.  Whenever I am actually back in Texas I love it, and I get strong feelings that I should go back every year at least for the reunion but then something happens and one year becomes 4 or 5.  Granted, I have been in school my whole life and at least the last 4 years have been in Santa Barbara away from the rest of my immediate family, which tends to complicate travel plans mainly because easter rarely falls within my spring break.  But this year we did it, and it was an amazingly fast but slow, family filled weekend of incredible humidity.

The reunion in particular is always so fun, even though I struggle with most names and can never remember who is connected with who everyone is family and is so warm and welcoming.  Even with the humidity there is something so fun about playing easter bunny and watching the kids scavenge for eggs.  (minus the fact that the kids make bank off the aunts and uncles who put money on their eggs).  But it really is a great feeling to be surrounded by so much family and to feel so connected to all these people, no matter how different we are.

Now down to the good stuff…the food.  I probably ate more food in the past four days than I usually do in a whole week.  Now I know that everyone eats more when they are on vacation or away from home but my goodness I couldnt believe how much I was eating and how much I couldnt stop myself from just one more dip in the queso. Words can’t do the food I ate justice, so much good BBQ, potatoes, mexican and of course queso. Ok so the food was amazing, hands down…but the place that left me speechless, drooling, and wanting to faint more than any other was the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin TX.   For years people have been telling me I need to go to a Whole Foods store, that it is just amazing and something that I must experience, but at the same time apparently the one in Santa Barbara is just not very good.  But the one in Austin is beyond words, a wall of cheese, wine tasting, meat and fish to die for, and of course the endless amount of prepared food.  I was so shocked all I could wrap my head around was purchasing an iced coffee.  I guess I’ll just have to go again to really let it sink in.  Here is my last 4 days of food through pictures..

The amazing wall of cheese at Whole Foods

The meal that should have left me full for days…but of course didn’t

Magmaaaaa queso dip


One comment

  1. Elizabeth Williams

    Kristin, love your food pics. It never occurs to me to take food pictures, but they look good. I know what you mean about the amount we ate! I am still recovering. I was so glad you came out, and will take you again to Whole Foods any time you are here…..

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