Let’s talk about leftovers

Who in their right mind would choose leftovers over a freshly made meal… well I know I wouldn’t.  However leftovers can come in quite handy and when reintroduced to warmth and a new meal can make an excellent meal.

When I was growing up I would not touch leftovers.  I just didn’t understand how my dad could open up the fridge and open some leftover mac n’ cheese and consider it satisfying.  Then I grew up.  Now as I shop for my own food and ingredients and cook my own meals a little dose of reality has set in and leftovers and I have become good friends.

Instead of posting a new entry about a new recipe I made I thought I would just talk about the brand new meal I introduced the leftover roast chicken to…Quesadilla with roast chicken and sauteed onions.

as lunch rolled around today I knew I should eat some of the chicken before it goes bad and as I opened the fridge saw the block of cheddar cheese I purchased on my last grocery run.  I also have a sweet spot for onions and love to incorporate them into meals when I can.  So I grabbed the cheddar cheese, onion, tortillas, and roast chicken and got to work.

Roast chicken quesadilla with sauteed onions and chili powder

1. I added about 1/2 tbl olive oil to a nonstick pan and added the onions with a little chili powder until the onions were nearly translucent, then added chicken I had cut into small cubes just to re-heat it.

2. on a plate I assembled the tortilla and half of the grated cheese (1 cup total). then when the chicken was warm I added the onion chicken mixture on top of the cheese, the added the rest of the cheese on top.

3.  in the same pan the onions were cooked I sprayed a little cooking spray, folded the tortilla in half to make a half circle and added it to the pan on low head and placed a lid on top to allow the cheese to melt.

4. after about 5 minutes i flipped it until the cheese was melted and the tortilla crsip.

5. Now this step is optional but I hate it when I make a large quesadilla and it just isnt sturdy when i hold it.  So in this case I like to slip some tortilla chips into the quesadilla to add a little crunch (if you have never tried this I highly suggest it!).


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