A word about the title

I suppose this should have been my first post since it seems only logical that I came up with the title of this blog before actually creating it.  However, that is obviously not what happened so…so be it.  With that said the title really has no lifelong meaning and it is not a cute tagline that has been passed down or along the family for generations it is simply how I see my life as a homemade chef.

I really see cooking as the basis of my day, as sad and dependent as that may seem, since it is merely minutes after one meal that I am thinking of and planning the next.  Bread and butter to me is basic, it is a building block of sorts that is simple but never disappointing.  Even if a meal does not go exactly as planned I try not to be disappointed by it, for it is still satisfying to eat something that you have created and added your own flair to.

Cooking has become a defining part of my life, some very challenging moments and some very simple, but no matter how discouraging one night of cooking is I never fail to pick it up the next day.  If a recipe fails it doesnt mean it’s not worth trying again it just means that you know how to modify it in the future to make it worth your time.  It is a time in my day where I can be as creative or mundane as I wish to be, but no matter what it is the simplest way to either maintain my good state of mind or pick me up out of a bad day.

No matter what the title or purpose of the blog is to me it is really what you wish to make of it.  Cooking is not something that was thrust upon me growing up or something that I was forced into.  Cooking is something that I found that I can call my own and experiment with and it is something I encourage everyone to get into.  It’s simple, it’s encouraging, and it can be addicting.


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