And so it begins…

So, here goes the life of blogging.  Something I never would have though I would attempt since there has never really been something for me to blog about.  I was never the kind of person to appreciate having a journal or diary when I was growing up (although I probably convinced my parents to get me a few since it seemed the mature thing to do).  Needless to say, I have since re-read those abandoned diaries and can only laugh at the sound of my 8 year old self attempting to come into “my own,” while the only topics of discussion were friends, boys, and elementary school.  Not to mention the diary was always left blank after page 15 at the latest.

With that being said, I have decided to start this on two conditions: 1. I do not re-read what I have written after I push that “publish post” tab and 2.  I do not bore myself or anyone reading with insignificant details about my life and instead stick to the premise of this post…cooking.

As any child experiences while growing up, I went through my picky eating days where, for example, I decided I would not eat any lettuce darker than the shade of very light green.  Or the days where I decided I only wanted grilled cheese for breakfast, lunch, and yes, dinner.  However, my parents stuck with me through those days and I can say now that I adore, love, and appreciate all kinds of food. With this newfound love of food came my love of cooking.  It wasn’t until I entered my sophomore year of college where I had my own kitchen in my own apartment (that I shared with 3 other girls), I came to really appreciate the art of cooking and the joy it brings when a dish is complete and quickly eaten by non other than myself.

Growing up I would help my mom and dad cook dinner occasionally and would always help cut the cookie dough for Christmas cookies, but sadly had to admit to my Texan relatives that, “no, I don’t really know how to cook.”  But I can say with confidence now that I can cook, and absolutely love the benefits that come with that talent.  Although I really no not believe that cooking is much of a talent, it really comes off as more impressive than it really is.  Anyone can find a recipe and if you can read that recipe, you can cook it.

So far, the extent that I have shared my cooking with others has been to friends and family and to any facebook friends who happen to glance at my status detailing the dinner or cooking adventure for the night.  So i figured I would find a place, hence this blog, to share both the recipes I cook and the story behind those recipes including the adventure of completing that recipe. For anyone who decides to read this, please try any of the recipes I post.  None will be too complicated since what I am working with is an apartment sized kitchen, a college student sized cabinet of kitchen supplies, a college student sized budget, and a quarter of the fridge to keep any food I buy.  Enjoy!


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